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Using words to inspire, motivate, and encourage us all to positively impact the world for the greater good of all!

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Happy April everyone☺!

Here are my most-read stories for March. If you haven’t read them yet it’s not too late. Click below to read and let me know what you…

Another Unarmed Black Man Unjustly Killed…Again

Good Morning America Twitter Page

Duante Wright was 20 years old, my son is 20 — how can we Black mothers ever sleep at night. I am sad beyond words — devasted, Rebecca Stevens A., Twitter

Rebecca’s tweet immediately resonated with me because I am in the “…we Black mothers…” group she refers to, and for a period of time last night, I couldn’t sleep.

I’d gone to bed about 10:15 pm after watching a portion of the nightly news. Earlier I’d watched the live feeds from the protest in Minneapolis and the familiar feeling of exhaustion, anger, sadness, and dread that seems always right…


It’s Not Too Late to Give ‘Woulda’, ‘Shoulda’, and ‘Coulda’ the Boot

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Mission/Purpose: To help other people excel and evolve and make a positive impact in the world for the greater good of all, using words.


Yes. What you have just read above is what I believe to be my primary personal mission/purpose in this season of my life.

But I have an honest confession to make about it. Ok, here it goes…

I wish I’d taken my desire and love for writing more seriously earlier in my life.”

However, the reality of the matter is…I didn’t. And barring getting my hands on a working reversal time machine; there’s not anything…

Wow Diana that was quick! Thanks so much for the warm welcome. I'm working on a story now I'm planning to submit soon ;-)!

Much Love & Peace,


Culture & Film

The Positive Power of Diversity and Inclusion in Content Creation (With Author edits)

The Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE:PG) today announced the creation of an expansive content creation, talent development and partnership platform that enables and advocates for increased inclusion of Black creators across the advertising, film and television industries. Titled “Widen The Screen,” it will include new films and initiatives that feature more diverse storytellers, combat bias against all people fueled by misrepresentation, increase investment in Black-owned and operated media and employ more diverse creators in a way that improves their trajectory for long-term success. Business Wire

If you weren’t watching the 2021 NAACP Image Awards on Saturday, March 27th. Then chances…


How an Error Message Can Affect the Brain of an Otherwise Rational Wife/Writer/Blogger

Photo by visuals on Unsplash

Ok. So first of all. I wasn’t on TikTok.

But it was Friday when I started to write this story and my desire to scroll through one million free Unsplash images to find the perfect one to match it was non-existent. So, in your mind’s eye, I need you to imagine the kind of error message one might receive when they’re attempting to visit their favorite blog online. Hold that image in your mind and keep reading.

I was actually attempting to log on to my favorite, and might I add successfully monetized blog. Note, this is a daily affirmation…

Why the ‘More Than A Vote” Organization is Critically Important

One reason the More Than A Vote organization is critically important is because voter suppression is still alive and kicking and there are some folks hell-bent on keeping it alive.

So let me cut straight through the chase.

What Mitch McConnell said back in 2016 was wrong then, and is still wrong in 2021. In a USA Today article, discussing the 1965 Voting Rights Act. The former Senate Majority Leader said, “It’s not really about knocking down barriers. There are no serious barriers to voting anymore anywhere in America.”

While Mitch McConnell was painting a rosy picture of the progress…

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