Daunte Wright was ‘Accidentally’ Shot and Killed by a Cop and I Couldn’t Sleep Last Night

Another Unarmed Black Man Unjustly Killed…Again

Carla D. Wilson Laskey


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Duante Wright was 20 years old, my son is 20 — how can we Black mothers ever sleep at night. I am sad beyond words — devasted, Rebecca Stevens A., Twitter

Rebecca’s tweet immediately resonated with me because I am in the “…we Black mothers…” group she refers to, and for a period of time last night, I couldn’t sleep.

I’d gone to bed about 10:15 pm after watching a portion of the nightly news. Earlier I’d watched the live feeds from the protest in Minneapolis and the familiar feeling of exhaustion, anger, sadness, and dread that seems always right beneath the surface of my skin as a Black mother in America was ever-present.

I woke up around midnight to use the restroom when I remembered our 23-year-old son still wasn’t home. On my way back to bed I kept thinking about the new registration sticker for our son’s car that was still in the envelope on top of the shoe storage cubby by the front door. Although I’d reminded him on more than one occasion to replace the old expired sticker, he’d left once again without doing it.

“Dammit”, I thought to myself, I should have been more persistent before he left to go to his second job he recently started. He’s entrepreneurial and has business plans that require funding beyond the wages of just one job. I was glad to see him focused on making his dreams his reality. But last night, I hated the idea he was out working and not safe at home. Especially since I hadn’t asked him what time he’d get off from work when he left earlier. I wish I had because as I stated, it was midnight and he wasn’t home yet.

Should I send a text to check on him to make sure he’s Ok and confirm that the only reason he wasn’t home yet is because he’s still at work? Or, should I wait it out? Either way, I could not go back to sleep.

how can we Black mothers ever sleep at night

The stories about Daunte Wright and 2nd LT. Caron Nazario were still fresh in my mind. Both had encounters with police that were allegedly initiated based on routine traffic stops having to do with their tags…



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